Enjoy Vacation Foods in Moderation

Last week I was feeling bummed that I didn’t have any trips planned so I booked a flight to London to visit some friends. I also convinced them that we should take the train to Paris for the weekend. It’s just a two hour ride and I’ve been craving a real croissant, okay?

I believe that traveling internationally is the best thing you can do for yourself. It is important to immerse yourself completely in whatever city or country you’re visiting – and that includes eating the local cuisine! Although I eat a plant-based diet when I’m home, I am not as restrictive when I travel. Call me a part time vegan but I’m not going to go to London and miss out on a scone with clotted cream!

While it’s important to enjoy yourself while you travel, you don’t have to go completely crazy. Here are my top five tips for staying on track with healthy eating while you travel.

Begin the day with fruit

Fresh, organic fruit is detoxifying first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It’s easy for your body to digest, it takes about 20-30 minutes total. Fruit is also full of fiber, antioxidants and quite hydrating. Fresh fruit is easy to find, check out local markets and keep in your hotel room.

Start your meal with fresh vegetables

The enzymes your stomach releases to breakdown fresh vegetables help your stomach digest other foods you’re going to consume. Fresh vegetables are full of fiber and not calorically dense, meaning they will fill you up. A green salad topped with lemon juice and a little olive oil or crudités are great options. Just be wary of creamy or heavy dressings or dips, these calories add up quick.

Share rich dishes and desserts

Like I said vacation is a time to enjoy yourself but you don’t have to finish everything you order. Split that big dish with a friend so you can both enjoy it. Or, as The Skinny Confidential recommends, ask for a half portion of pasta. Order a few different desserts for your group and take a few bites of each. With so many different foods to try, why fill up on one thing?

Food Combine

Proper food combining will allow you to enjoy local foods and not feel bloated afterwards. This method of eating optimizes digestion, you can read more about it here but below are the basic rules.

Five food categories: fruits, vegetables, protein, starches and fats

1. Fruits alone or not at all
2. Veggies can be eaten with proteins, starches and fats
3. Starches can be paired with veggies and fats only
4. Protein should only be eaten with vegetables
5. Fats should be paired with veggies and starches only

Intermittent Fasting

My personal trainer Bodi by Kim told me about this one, it’s not as easy as the others but it is effective. During IF, you will only consume calories for an 8 hour window of time and fast for the other 16 hours. If you’re done eating by 10PM, then you’ll wait until 2PM to consume calories again. During the fasting period you can have water, unsweetened tea and black coffee. It may not be realistic to do it every day that you’re traveling but try intermittent fasting when your schedule allows.

That’s it, five easy ways to enjoy your vacation but not go completely overboard food wise. The key is to enjoy all the foods you want to try in moderation!

Incorporate one or more on your next trip and let know how it works for you! Do you have any other tips that you recommend?

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